Mar 20, 2007

Art Documentaries Online

Smashing TellyThe Smashing Telly web site is a hand edited collection of the best free, instantly available vidoes on the web. Not 30 second clips of a dog on a skateboard, or the millionth person to mime the Numa song, but full length programs. Many of the videos put there on a regular basis are art and artist documentaries. Some features are: "Andy Warhol - Artist Extraordinaire", "Salvador Dali - Genius", "Frida Kahlo - Portrait of a Woman", "The Genius of Mozart" and many others.

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Jan 20, 2006

Tax Legislation for Artists Update

(Story from the Indianapolis Arts Council 1-20-2006)
The Senate has approved legislation that will allow artists to claim a significant tax deduction when they give their works to collecting, exhibiting, and educational institutions. A separate provision, which Americans for the Arts opposes, would eliminate tax deductibility for the first $210 ($420 for joint filers) of annual charitable gifts by taxpayers who itemize their deductions. It now appears that a conference with the Senate will happen late February or March. Supporters of the "artist deduction" legislation should ask U.S. House Members to accept it in conference, and to signal support for it by co-sponsoring H.R. 1120.

For the complete story and how you can email your  Representative in 2 minutes, visit:

Our original news was here:

Nov 28, 2005

Artists' deductions for donations may change!

Art DonationsA new bill passed by the Senate states that artists who donate their work to a museum or other charitable cause will earn a tax deduction that is based on the full fair market value of the artists's work. Currently an artist gets a tax deduction based on only the cost of materials. The bill now goes to a special House-Senate conference committee for review. The senators who introduced it say they are hopeful that the committee will support it. Under this new bill, artists can donate their work during their lifetimes at full market value provided that it is properly appraised and handed over at least 18 months after its creation. Read more here or search for more here.
In the search, use the phrase "Art and Collectibles Capital Gains Tax Treatment Parity Act (Introduced in Senate)".

Nov 10, 2005

Kinsey Institute's First Annual Erotic Art Show

The Kinsey Institute Gallery announces a call for submissions for its upcoming First Annual Erotic Juried Art Show.

The Kinsey Institute Gallery offers exhibits that explore various themes in erotic art using materials from within and outside the Institute’s collection.  A list of previous exhibits may be found here.  The Kinsey Institute’s Annual Erotic Juried Art Show provides established and upcoming artists with an opportunity to exhibit artworks that may be too explicit or challenging for many venues.   The show also provides an opportunity for a wide range of visitors to view these works in the Kinsey Institute Gallery. The gallery is located on the Indiana University Campus in Bloomington Indiana - about 90 minutes South of Indianapolis. Maps, directions and visiting hours can be viewed here.

The poster to the event is here and the entry brochure may be downloaded here. For more information, extend the entry with the link below.

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Nov 01, 2005

The Top 10 Fairs & Festivals in 2005

Attention: Art Fair Participants and Attendees!
Christine Kloostra from American Style magazine reported on the top ten fairs and festivals around the United States. The closet two events to the Indianapolis area are numbers 9 and 10. The full article is here but we are posting the links below:

1. Scottsdale Arts Festival
2. Paradise City Arts Festivals
3. Festival of Arts/Pageant of the Masters
4. Bayou City Art Festival
5. Sawdust Art Festival
6. Santa Fe Indian Market
7. Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show
8. ACC Craft Fair
9. Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original
10. SOFA (International Expositions of Sculpture Objects & Functional Art)

Oct 09, 2005

This "Rule" Doesn't Make Sense

I was recently looking in online press releases and a photo contest interested me. As I reviewed the contest guidlines and rules it looked pretty fair. You know - the usual "Entrants must have full copyright privileges to all work submitted to our contests." & "Any picture submitted featuring offensive, explicit or illegal content will be removed and will not be admitted as part of the contest." -  then I came upon one line from the rules that didn't make ANY sense. It stated:

we "can change the terms of use and the competition rules at any time. "
In other words: "Read our rules today so you'll send us your photo(s) that we might use but we can change the way we use your photo(s) whenever we want to."

I smell the early planning stages of clip-photo DVD production that may rip you off if the publishers decide to change the rules at the last minute. They may not, but the point is - they could!

Here is the photography contest I am referring to. You have to be careful with contests!

Here is a trackback link of our previous article about contest rule guidlines that may prevent you from getting ripped off.

Sep 02, 2005

Art Competitions and Contests - Beware

In our Web Log's right column menu, we have  live news feeds for various national art competitions and contests. Read every requirement carefully before you decide to submit an entry fee and your artwork. We have seen some contest/competition rules posted in magazines, papers and on the Web that are not very ethical.

 Here is a very informative page, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and written by the Graphic Artists Guild Foundation, that will help you decide if an art competition that interests you is fair and ethical.

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Aug 03, 2005

A nice little tutorial on airbrushing.

Now this is cool.
A nice easy-to-read site on how to use an airbrush. I'd just thought I'd share.

Jul 31, 2005

Need some Art Inspiration?

I found this site the other day that sends you 3 or 4 art quotes to you a week.
They handle a true permission based list and DO NOT sell your email or share it with anyone. I think it is sponsored bt Art News Magazine. I added a link to their site in our "Other Blogs" section in the left menu bar.
Extend this entry below to see a few examples:

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